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Birth : 3.3.1989

When did you start to devote to music : Another flute player here! I always wanted to play the guitar since my childhood, but brother started to play the guitar earlier, so next choice to get bro's band was to play drums. I also compose symphonic minimalism since university studies.

Inspirations : Specific mood after interesting experience,other drummers , bands and alcohol.

Other bands : Beast art, Freak on the beach

Your favourite "After Evolution" song : In the chains

Personal wish : Improve the world, taste many kinds of food, be with friends, discover and create good music!

Top 3 favourite bands : Rammstein, Within temptation, Nightwish

Hobbies : Music, videogames, food, mysteries.

Favourite film : I can't pick one as the best 

Favourite book : Wonderful stories and Adventures of Jan Kornel

Favourite drink : Juice, kofola, coctails, sweet vine, beer

Favourite meal : Dead animal (steak form) :D

"MOTTO" : "The wisest ones count with human stupidity."



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