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Birth : 3.9.1996

When did you start to devote to music : My music career started with the flute when I was just 3 years old. Than I decided to play the keyboards and piano when I was 6 years old and with the singing I have started when I was 10 and I composed my first song also that time.

Inspirations Night, Dreams, Nature, Symphonic music and Amy Lee.

Other bands : I just hosted few music projects, but you can see me mostly in my solo project Nikolette O. where I do ballads, alternative music and covers.

Your favourite "After Evolution" song : Nothing left but pain.

Personal wish : My biggest personal wish is that After Evolution is the world-known band and I live just for music!

Top 3 favourite bandsEvanescence, Nightwish, Deathklok and artists like Audiomachine etc.

Hobbies : Music, art, films and videogames!

Favourite filmPhantom of the Opera absolutely! Marvel films too and I love also Disney tales!

Favourite book "Fallen" stories by Lauren Kate, "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare.

Favourite drink : Strawberry juice and peach Nestea!

Favourite meal : Pizza, melon and ceasar salad.

"MOTTO" : "If the happiness doesn't come to you, go for it on your own!"


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