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Birth : 24.11.1995

When did you start to devote to music : My first music experience was in 5 years on flute and alto flute also in my 7 years! :D I was in music crew when i was 12 yo and I started to play bass guitar when i was 17 yo and  I learned to play guitar later, in August 2017​! :D

Inspirations I am the only inspiration of myself :P

Other bands : I haven't got any other bands.

Your favourite "After Evolution" song : Break your fate

Personal wish : My personal wish is that I will have go to the work never ! :D

Top 3 favourite bandsNightwish, Tarot, Mötorhead

Hobbies : Food, playing darts, fishing, listening to retro music, PC games (MMoRPG), reading fantasy books and autobiographies

Favourite filmVan Helsing, Resident evil and Tajemný hrad v Karpatech (transl.  Dark castle in the Carpatia)

Favourite book Books of J.R.R.Tolkien, Witcher and books of Dmitrij Gluchovskij

Favourite drink : Beer and Kofola

Favourite meal : Asian and Mexician food with lots of chilli

"MOTTO" : "The music is never too loud!"


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