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Long time ago, deep in the universe among the stars, the world named "Aetia" was formed. The very first life in our beloved universe has been created at the very begining of the time on this planet. Aetia was the planet of all the planets because Aetia was the first in whole the universe and very first planet which was able to carry the life. 

With the time the civilization on Aetia became more and more advanced and also heavily connected to the world unseen behind the veil. Those people learned how to communicate with the entities from the other worlds, dimensions, universes and learned how to use the power of those entities in the physical realm.

The life there was calm, people lived wisely and lived in peace and harmony with the entities and each other until there was a one man who wanted to own all the power of all the universe to be the most powerful being in every realm possible. He didn't want to worship any bigger power or being and he wanted to make himself a GOD and get worshipped by the people and get the glory.

The creator of the all life and the universe got very angry and came down to the Aetia to punish that foolish man who wanted to steal her power of creation, life and wanted to destroy the balance and harmony.

Unfortunately The Creator or the Great Sorceress how people called her, underestimated his power. Because of the years of getting knowledge of the laws of the multiverses, he used a some sort of dark power which allowed him to reach immortality and inability to any entity from other than physical realm to attack him, so they had to obey him.

So she came down to the Aetia's ground and walked to him

"So if I can't defeat you from my astral realm, I have to defeat you in the physical one and the day is already written in the stars", she said and dissapeared in the darkness.

But it was not that easy, if so I would not be here, telling you our story. Because to be able for the entity to enter physical realm in a physical body, you have to respect the laws of the physical realm and laws of reincarnation. And one of those laws are limited power and loosing the memory, all the knowledge of who you are and all you know in your physical life you agreed on.

She had to spend some time on the Aetia and experiment with the physical form of her and create a body for her. She had to try how the power and all the spells are going to work in the physical realm and what can destroy her or worse, kill her and what can work for her very well without a harm. She could use only a such a little percentage of her power so she wrote for herself the Book of Destiny, where was written everything, what she can and can't do, she educated the Ancient ones and gave them a sacret task, to create a hybrid beings of energy, demons, deities and all the entities who can tranfer the energy to the physical realm to help her handle such a mass of energy she had to use.

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